Black Mini Universal Infrared IR TV Remote Control Controller 7 Keys Button Keychain Key Ring Wireless Smart Remote Controller

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  • Remote control universal sangat kecil sehingga Anda dapat dengan mudah masuk ke dalam saku Anda, tas, atau dompet.
    Juga memiliki klip keychain kuat jika Anda ingin pasangkan ke kunci Anda.
    Menggunakan mini keychain yang universal remote untuk mengontrol hingga 500 merek televisi.
    Item ini mudah untuk program dan bekerja dalam beberapa detik.
    Hanya titik dan tahan tombol bisu untuk program.
    Besar untuk bar, restoran, gym, sekolah, dan hotel di mana saja! Tertawa akan terus datang! Mendapatkan Anda hari ini dan hemat!
    Mudah digunakan, hanya titik dan klik; mudah prank siapa pun di mana saja!
    Tombol pada panel: tombol power; tombol kontrol saluran; tombol kontrol volume; bisu; av/tv tombol kontrol
    Jenis: Mini siluman televisi tv remote
    Mini tv remote control x 1
  • Operation
  •  Set up

    Turn on the TV, hold down the mute button of remote control about 4 seconds, the remote control will search automatically. When the mute icon appears on the screen, please release immediately , then check whether the other keys can be controlled.

     Special situation

    1.One TV only have one code. However,The remote control itself has a lot of codes. During the searching , sometimes there will be mute symbols, but doesn't work (maybe your TV has several mute symbols, but only one mute symbols is correct which can be coded. please continue seaching until the right mute symbol appears.)

    2. if you still can't control after setting,please take out the battery,then reinstall it .or change the new battery.

    3.It is no response when you pressing it for a long time,please restart the TV,then try it again.

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